We are the cyberpunks

Cyber-culture is coming to St. Petersburg. A Vibrant Society, an unparalleled alliance with cutting edge tech, and a new odyssey ahead for the rebel within.

The Odyssey Team

  • Thomas Greco

    Thomas Greco

    Founder & CEO

  • Ovidio Santiago

    Ovidio Santiago

    Operations Director
    Concessions Manager

  • Austin Hammer

    Austin Hammer

    Talent Mgmt

  • Mitchell Blakemore

    Mitchell Blakemore

    Production Manager

  • Enrique Leão

    Enrique Leão


  • Nikolas Syrimis

    Nikolas Syrimis

    Graphic Design
    Twitch Partner

  • Christine Ngo

    Christine Ngo


  • Kevin Dooley

    Kevin Dooley

    Security Manager

  • Cristóbal Sepúlveda

    Cristóbal Sepúlveda

    Software Engineer

  • Ky William

    Ky William

    Posh Ticketing

  • Amy Reed

    Amy Reed


  • Ashley Wegelewski

    Ashley Wegelewski

    Operations Assistant

2022 Partners

  • The Kind Mouse Productions
  • Deep Eddy Vodka
  • Monaco
  • Odyssey Elixir
  • Bliss
  • beatport
  • unitea